Investment Process

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During an initial meeting or call, we give you a thorough overview of our company, investment portfolio, and available investment opportunities and evaluate the suitability of this investment for your immediate goals.

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When you invest, we will coordinate your acquisition paperwork and funding. Our investment offerings can vary from a private standalone investment to a multi-property portfolio investment or multi-property fund.

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During the ownership of the property, we will provide you tax documents, property updates, distribution statements, and notification of new investment opportunities via our investor portal or by email.

Generally, our properties distribute cash flow to investors monthly or quarterly through direct deposit. The distribution amount may change based on property performance.

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When it’s time to either sell or refinance the asset, the investor will receive their portion of profits and if chosen can be reinvested.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who Can Invest in an IndyCal Offering?

Currently we require investors in our commercial syndications to be accredited investors.

How Can I Invest?

IndyCal's opportunities are available to accredited investors through the IndyCal website. Simply click on the "Register Here" button below to get started.  An Associate will contact you to start the process.

How Does IndyCal Handle My Money?

All investor funds are managed by a third-party administrator.  Funds will generally be transferred to the administrator via ACH procedures.


More FAQ’s are coming soon. If you have a question not answered above, please ask here -


 Investor Registration